Apr 4, 2008


I love Israel to death, I'm a true patriot, but if there's one thing I LOVE about this country is the fact that not matter what season is it or how's the weather like, we always have lots of sunshine.
Makes you happy.

(click the picture)
Shirt: Pimkie
Jeans: store in LA called pimkie
Neckalce: Top 10 (israel)
Bangle: Diva
Sunglasses: Forever 21.
I also wore black flipflops that didn't get in the frame.

Love, lotem.


saray said...

יש לי טופ דומה מטופ שופ :)

איזה נוף מקסים , איפה את גרה?

יש לי 3 מרפסות בבית וכל מה שרואים מהם זה בניינים!

Lotem said...

אני ממודיעין :)

Kira Fashion said...

so, i think israel is like brazil...so sunny everyday...but i confess that sometimes i would like so cold weather to wear some coats! hehehe
it´s all about the clothes!heheh

a kiss and a hug,

Ediot said...

i also want to have it like that. sunny.. great outfit btw. and it's a really nice picture

She's Dressing Up said...

This is such a cheerful outfit =]

Aisha said...

looove the necklace, i have a thing for them :)

Wendy said...

You wear yellow so well, I can't pull that color off.

jasmine said...

hey lotem. thanks for liking the artwork i submitted for the alex and chloe contest ( i read your comment) :) appreciate it!

-jasmine ou