Apr 25, 2008

Long post, just because I'm bored.

I haven't been updating the blog much in the past few days, having been a lazy-ass girl. I went to the beach yesterday, and I kind of regret I didn't take any pictures, because the beach in Israel is like a cult, it's awesome as hell.

Well Dressed Celebrities:

Ashlee's hooded sweater is AWESOME. It is a little weird and all, but I love it.
And Pete looks like a high school scene kid as usual.

I've always liked sequin dresses, and Gwyneth Platrow pulls it off pretty damn well.

I really didn't make up my mind about this one. It's sort of weird, yet it's so unique. (It's Eva Mendez, btw)

Nicole Kidman looks fabulous when pregnant. Then again, since she's my favorite actress, I doubt if I can say she doesn't look fabulous.

Ebay Cravings:

Nike Dunk Low. OMG I love them soo much!
I know, they're not very much classy but ugh, they're so damn beautiful. I saw them on Ebay and they're not very expensive, but I figured I might wait until I'm done with my current expenses and then order some Nike shoes.
If you want to see more awesome sneakers go on sneakerfreaker.com

This Chanel bag.
There are slim chances that it's authentic, since it's being sold at about $25, but then again the seller said that she got it from an estate sale in Beverly Hills, so you never know.
I think it's gorgeous. I'm probably not going to order it though...

Dior Glossy (!)
Ok, it's not like I can afford them any time soon. Unless I like, don't go out for a whole month and work twice as much as I do now. But hey, I can have dreams too.

BTW- If any of you want the URL for any of the items, let me know, I can send them to you.

Have a great weekend :)
Love, Lotem.


sttavvv said...

האהאאא תגובההההה.
קראתי את הכל. ואין לי מה להגיד.XD
הנייק לא כאלה מדהימות..הממ..כן

בכלאופן, בים היה כיף D: אני שמחה ששיכנעתן אותי ללכתXD
אומנם זה אומר שעכשיו אני אצטרך להישאר עד 1 בלילה, להכין את העבודה בביולוגיה..אבל עדיין.XD

אוהבתתתת 333>

The Seeker said...

Thank for visited my blog and commented with kind words.
Didn't know yours, but I checked it and I'm liking it.
So I'll visit you...
Loved the dresses you bought with your grandma.
Thank you again, feel free to come back :)

Jill said...

I really like that sequined dress on G. Paltrow, and that hooded sweater on Ashlee is great! Thanks for adding me, I've added you as well.

Wicked Apple said...

That hood on Ashlee is adorable like hell... 8)

She's Dressing Up said...

Love Ashlee's hood! And Gwyneth has been wearing some pretty damn short dresses lately!

Psyche said...

Ooh...Ashlee's hooded sweater is quite amazing! And, I would love those Dior shades...

Wendy said...

Oh the Chanel bag!

נגה said...

טוב חפירה XD
#those are my pants pete's wearing! bitch.
#i love Gwyneth. she's beautiful.
#and dude out of all the nikes in the world u choose these?!
#no chance the bag is real.
#nice shades$$

Looooooooove or something

Ediot said...

i do too really like ashlees hood. and also her new song.. though i don't really know why.. it just sticks

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear!

those celebs ara amazing with their look, paltrow is my fav. this week :)

about you on the beach, take pics next time!

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for your friendship,

Charlotte said...

I love the hooded sweater on the first picture so much - if you find such a sweater, just tell me! And I hate you for having a Chanel bag but me not! ;-D

saray said...

הסווטשרט של אשלי בהחלט מגניב,
והשמלה של גווינית מדהימה!!
אבל לא התלהבתי מהשמלה של אווה מנדז.

התיק של שנאל מדהים!!
אחח אם אמא שלי הייתה מנדבת את הכרטיס שלה כדי שאני אוכל לקנות דברים דרך האינטרנט!

bronwyn said...

I like your new banner...and the Dior sunglasses. PS I really enjoy seeing your pictures of round and about in Israel.