Apr 30, 2008

US colors.

I don't know about you, but I was always fond with the matching of red and blue. They're contrast colors, but I still love how they look together.

Chanel, Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I love it how in the fashion show, Chanel had that US flag theme going on.

After seeing the pictures, I've had a craving for more navy blue items. I have plenty of red ones.
All the pictures are from Polyvore.com

I should really start going to sleep earlier. It's 1:30AM and I have a test tomorrow.

Love, Lotem.

Apr 25, 2008

Long post, just because I'm bored.

I haven't been updating the blog much in the past few days, having been a lazy-ass girl. I went to the beach yesterday, and I kind of regret I didn't take any pictures, because the beach in Israel is like a cult, it's awesome as hell.

Well Dressed Celebrities:

Ashlee's hooded sweater is AWESOME. It is a little weird and all, but I love it.
And Pete looks like a high school scene kid as usual.

I've always liked sequin dresses, and Gwyneth Platrow pulls it off pretty damn well.

I really didn't make up my mind about this one. It's sort of weird, yet it's so unique. (It's Eva Mendez, btw)

Nicole Kidman looks fabulous when pregnant. Then again, since she's my favorite actress, I doubt if I can say she doesn't look fabulous.

Ebay Cravings:

Nike Dunk Low. OMG I love them soo much!
I know, they're not very much classy but ugh, they're so damn beautiful. I saw them on Ebay and they're not very expensive, but I figured I might wait until I'm done with my current expenses and then order some Nike shoes.
If you want to see more awesome sneakers go on sneakerfreaker.com

This Chanel bag.
There are slim chances that it's authentic, since it's being sold at about $25, but then again the seller said that she got it from an estate sale in Beverly Hills, so you never know.
I think it's gorgeous. I'm probably not going to order it though...

Dior Glossy (!)
Ok, it's not like I can afford them any time soon. Unless I like, don't go out for a whole month and work twice as much as I do now. But hey, I can have dreams too.

BTW- If any of you want the URL for any of the items, let me know, I can send them to you.

Have a great weekend :)
Love, Lotem.

Apr 21, 2008


I went shopping yesterday with my grandma (yay), and ended up with very colorful buys:
Horrible cell-phone quality, I don't have a camera here. Crap, I should really save up the money and get one of my own.

I got these to dresses. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them with tights or not, they're really €short but I don't think they'd look as good with tights.
The left one is from Zara Kids, and is actually by far prettier than in the picture, and the left one is from TNT (an israeli store)

I got this bag from TNT too. It was really cheap and I liked the colors, so why not.
And the fact that my foot got in the frame really bothers me.

And finally I got this scarf and bangle from Top 10 (also an Israeli store).

Now I'm left broke.

Have a great day.
Love, Lotem.

Apr 20, 2008

The Carmel Forest

In the best of Israeli tradition, I went with my familia to a nice picnic in the Carmel forest, north Israel. We had a little barbeque and enjoyed the nice pastoral environment around. I love going to the nature every now and then, it gets you disconnected from reality for a bit. The food we had was delicious.
And even though it's not quite fashion related, here are some pictures:

This is the Lotem (Cistus, in English), the flower I am named after. It wasn't in its best of bloom, the color is usually more alive. I love it.

Jeez, what a myspace picture.

Have a great week,
Love, Cistus.

Apr 19, 2008

Yay, Passover!

I'm going to my grandparents' house for passover, and I might be staying there for a few more days.
It's a wonderful thing, my grandma is the BEST shopping companion.
So since she doesn't have an internet connection (you know, grandparents) I wouldn't be posting here for a few days.
That unless I can sort of hack my way to some neighbor's wireless :)

I gave the block a new title and a new banner thingy.
And along with the new name comes a new URL.
I would really appreciate it if the people that have linked me could change the name and the URL :) thank you!

Have a great week,
וחג שמח
Love, lotem

Apr 16, 2008

Balenciaga's Floral Spring Collection.

At first, I didn't go crazy for the whole florals thing, I thought it was kind of grandma-like. So when I looked at the Balenciaga Spring 2008 collection, I didn't very much fall for it.
But now, after I've started liking the trend and realize how vivid and springy it is, I took another look at the collection, and this time I really LOVED it.
Crap, those prints are downright awesome.

Have a floral day.
Love, Lotem.

Apr 14, 2008

Stress is over.

I'm done with that humongous test I had yesterday, that turned out to be far easier than I thought it would be.
And since we have spring break (well, technically, here it's passover break) in a few days and we're fully done with tests and projectss for the trimester, all the stress is pretty much over and I have more time to do things I love. Writing posts on this blog, for example.

Yesterday I went with a few friends to a shopping center after the test, and after having a nice breakfast together, I got these shoes:

The heel is taller than what it seems in the picture, and since I'm not used to these hieghts it would take me a while to handle them without looking like a "6-year-old trying on her mommy's heels" (my friend said that, I actually laughed).
Oh and, the color is actually navy blue, they look more black in the picture.

and to finish this post, here is what I wore for school today, inspired by...well, no one.

Tank: the supermarket
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Claire's
Scarf: Gap
Necklace: H&M
Ring: Diva

Have a great day,
Love, lotem.

Apr 9, 2008


In Israel it's a tradition, well, rather a norm, that each year the whole grade in all schools go to a trip to a natural site, to walk in a quiet environment for a bit, and spend some time with friends and mama earth.
This year they took me and my 10th grade buddies to the Negev in israel, which is mostly one big ongoing desert. The trip was fun, we slept in huge tents all of us together and the walking wasn't as bad as you may imagine, but there is something about the desert that I just can't seem to like. You probably understand what I mean, it's just so dull.
Well, one way or another, I had a great time.

I've figured since none of you know Israel, I might as well stray a tad from fashion and post up some pictures (cell phone, sorry) from the trip. It is a gorgeous view, after all.

So, that is all.

I think I should be posting this blog more often.

Now, who looks dumber, me, or the camel? ;)

Love, Lotem.

Apr 4, 2008


I love Israel to death, I'm a true patriot, but if there's one thing I LOVE about this country is the fact that not matter what season is it or how's the weather like, we always have lots of sunshine.
Makes you happy.

(click the picture)
Shirt: Pimkie
Jeans: store in LA called pimkie
Neckalce: Top 10 (israel)
Bangle: Diva
Sunglasses: Forever 21.
I also wore black flipflops that didn't get in the frame.

Love, lotem.