Mar 31, 2008

Not dead, and back from Germany.

Well, honestly, I've been "back from Germany" since monday LAST week, but I've had a hectic week so I couldn't really find those 15 minutes to write down a post.

So what can I say? It was fabulous.
We've bonded really well with our German hosts, went to some kick-ass places (phantasialand anyone?), and of course I had a taste of the famous European shopping experience. It's actually famous for a reason, the stores there are amazing. I shopped mainly from H&M, which is just as amazing as I thought, Pimkie, a nice little store for teenaged girls like me, and New Yorker, which is awesome as hell.
I'm not sure if I should post EVERYTHING I bought here, but here's a few:

Click pictures.

On Saturday I went with a few friends to see Jumper.
It's a bit of a boring movie, one you won't remember after seeing just because it's not really good.
But hey, seeing that Hayden Christensen pimping around on the screem for 90 minutes along with amazing Rachel bilson was honestly not that bad.

And that's what I wore:

Do excuse my messy room, my over-make-up-ed eyes and my weird expression.
Strapless Shirt: Some store in Tel Aviv.
Jeans: Forever21.
Shoes: TOGO (israel)
Necklace: some store in my town
Bracelet: Diva

Well, I guess this is it.

Crap, I have a problem with self-planning, I told myself I would go to sleep early today so I won't be tired tomorrow and it's already 11PM.

Love, Lotem.

Mar 14, 2008

Purple for Peace.

(Yes, I know it's been a week since the last time I updated, it's been a hectic week)

In 2003 there was a breakdown in Darfur, Sudan (Africa). It has started when 2 rebel movemnts protested againts the oppression and the government. The president, in response, has sent the Sudan army, that wiped out villages and tribes all over Darfur. This goes on until today, fully supported by the Government of Sudan.
I joined a Facebook group called "Purple for Peace", saying people around the world should be wearing purple on March 14, which is today, to sympathize with Darfur citizens and and to show that this Genocide should be stopped. Since I trully do support this goal of healing Darfur (even though it's rather hard since I'm not sure what can I do), I did wear purple:

(You will have to settle for this poor cell phone image, my parents travelled off to London and left me camera-less)
Sweater Dress: TNT (israel)
Shoes: Fake Uggs, I forgot where I got them
Necklace: Top 10 (israel)

And off to a very different subject, I'm going to Germany this... Monday.
It's a type of student-exchange thing, So I will be staying at a German family's house. Since it's about my town's twin-town in Germany, which is Hagen. 19 students from my school will be staying at 19 families over there.
We're gonna travel around the area and do all sorts of stuff, which I hope will be fun.
And of course I'll get to see the inside of the European H&M (I have only been to the ones in the US which I know are not as good)

Have a great weekend, Lotem.

Mar 9, 2008


So for the weekend I went with my familia to a cabin at a southern small town in Israel. It's supposed to be all pastoral and soothing, in a natural, quiet environment. It really was. There was a dining room there too, and the food was great.
It was a wonderful weekend. We went out to a dinner and in the morning went to a city nearby for all the attractions, and of course, in the best of Israeli tradition, we ended up going shopping at an outlet mall. (ביל"ו)

I got these:

Ignore my grandma sheets. YAY! color block tank!
I've been craving one for a while now.

I don't know how to call this garment.
It's either a really short dress or a relly long tunic.
And it has that sleeves thing going on. I like it.

And finally, I got this bracelt that was really cheap.

Thinking I got all these items for about 15$. Yay.

Have a great day,

Mar 5, 2008

Even though she's not my favorite Hilary.

My history with Hilary Duff goes way back, a long time before she lost a million pounds and became a "hiphop" musician of some sort. No, I liked Hilary Duff in her darkest times being Lizzy Mcguire. I loved that chubby blonde girl that played the eternal Girl Next Door, I liked her cute little pop songs about flowers and butterflies, and I liked the unbelievably cheesy movies that she constantly starred in. Of course I grew up and the little fan-mode has gone away.
But now I'm starting to realize how well she dresses these days. Her style is rather casual and not too exciting, but I really like it.

I absolutely love the dress on the right picture, I'm planning on getting a dress about this style. Perhaps from Zara?

Love the outfit on the right.

She kind of looks dead on the picture on the left.

And to those of you wondering who my favorite Hilary is, It's Hillary Clinton :)

Love, Lotem.

Mar 3, 2008

Pink dolphin.

I got him at the Santa Monica Pier for shooting a balloon popped. I love him, he's so pink and fluffy.

T-shirt: school uniform.
Jacket + Jeans + Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace + ring: Diva
Shoes: TOGO (israel)

I have the most stressing week, I have a huge math test in a week, a few quizes, 2 field trips, work, babysitting, a shitload of homework and numerous other things I need to get done.
I just need to go through it all without fliping out.
(Yes, I know, the troubles of a 15-year-old)

Love, Lotem