Mar 14, 2008

Purple for Peace.

(Yes, I know it's been a week since the last time I updated, it's been a hectic week)

In 2003 there was a breakdown in Darfur, Sudan (Africa). It has started when 2 rebel movemnts protested againts the oppression and the government. The president, in response, has sent the Sudan army, that wiped out villages and tribes all over Darfur. This goes on until today, fully supported by the Government of Sudan.
I joined a Facebook group called "Purple for Peace", saying people around the world should be wearing purple on March 14, which is today, to sympathize with Darfur citizens and and to show that this Genocide should be stopped. Since I trully do support this goal of healing Darfur (even though it's rather hard since I'm not sure what can I do), I did wear purple:

(You will have to settle for this poor cell phone image, my parents travelled off to London and left me camera-less)
Sweater Dress: TNT (israel)
Shoes: Fake Uggs, I forgot where I got them
Necklace: Top 10 (israel)

And off to a very different subject, I'm going to Germany this... Monday.
It's a type of student-exchange thing, So I will be staying at a German family's house. Since it's about my town's twin-town in Germany, which is Hagen. 19 students from my school will be staying at 19 families over there.
We're gonna travel around the area and do all sorts of stuff, which I hope will be fun.
And of course I'll get to see the inside of the European H&M (I have only been to the ones in the US which I know are not as good)

Have a great weekend, Lotem.


Kira Fashion said...

Congratulations about your great acts...i think every one of us can do something to have a better world :)

a kiss and a hug,


molly said...

i love purple AND peace...perfect!

oooh alliterance
or whatever its called haha

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Agree we need to save darfur
have a great trip be safe
love the pendant!

ChiliLady said...

Purple is one of my fav colors- good choice!

saray said...

תהני בגרמניה!
הלוואי ובבי"ס שלי גם היו משלחות:)

זה ממש מקסים שאת מעלה פה מודעות על מה שקורה עם פליטי דרפור ,
קבלי צל"ש ממני :)
ולינק :P

Ediot said...

OH! how fun being an exchange student- been a dream of mine for such a long time

She's Dressing Up said...

Purple for Peace sounds like a great idea! Have fun in Germany!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


I've linked you back!

Kira Fashion said...

thanks a lot for passing by!

a kiss and a hug,


molly said...

and i love your sweater