Mar 31, 2008

Not dead, and back from Germany.

Well, honestly, I've been "back from Germany" since monday LAST week, but I've had a hectic week so I couldn't really find those 15 minutes to write down a post.

So what can I say? It was fabulous.
We've bonded really well with our German hosts, went to some kick-ass places (phantasialand anyone?), and of course I had a taste of the famous European shopping experience. It's actually famous for a reason, the stores there are amazing. I shopped mainly from H&M, which is just as amazing as I thought, Pimkie, a nice little store for teenaged girls like me, and New Yorker, which is awesome as hell.
I'm not sure if I should post EVERYTHING I bought here, but here's a few:

Click pictures.

On Saturday I went with a few friends to see Jumper.
It's a bit of a boring movie, one you won't remember after seeing just because it's not really good.
But hey, seeing that Hayden Christensen pimping around on the screem for 90 minutes along with amazing Rachel bilson was honestly not that bad.

And that's what I wore:

Do excuse my messy room, my over-make-up-ed eyes and my weird expression.
Strapless Shirt: Some store in Tel Aviv.
Jeans: Forever21.
Shoes: TOGO (israel)
Necklace: some store in my town
Bracelet: Diva

Well, I guess this is it.

Crap, I have a problem with self-planning, I told myself I would go to sleep early today so I won't be tired tomorrow and it's already 11PM.

Love, Lotem.


Cassie said...

At least you have warm weather for those strapless shirts..still a wee bit cold in the states ..that is the midwest.

Jamie Bell was my favorite part of Jumper...and unfortunately, this movie just didn't get the book even if it used the sequel as well.

Kira Fashion said...


so amazing you are back, germany is really cool! i wanna visit there soon, for sure!

i love all your buyings, but the scarf is my fav.!!!

nice look, you are so beautiful!

a kiss and a hug,

saray said...

איזה כיף!!
התיק הלבן ממש מממש מממש ממממש ממממש ממממש מממש מממש יפה!1

פימקי זאת בהחלט חנות טובה!

האוטפיט שלך קצת מזכיר לי את הסגנון של ריצ'ל בילסון - בהשפעת הסרט במקרה?

The Clothes Horse said...

Great look and nice buys.

Lotem said...

Thanks everyone :)

והאמ, זה לא בהשפעת הסרט
אבל כפרה על רייצ'ל

She's Dressing Up said...

That top is so cute, I'm glad you enjoyed European shopping!

molly said...

love your outfit!
great finds, especially the dress/shirt

Jill said...

Love the purchases! Would love to see some more of the stuff and some of the stuff on you. Action shots please!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love everything here especially the heart purse, too cute! Fantastic site, love it to pieces!

Anonymous said...