Mar 3, 2008

Pink dolphin.

I got him at the Santa Monica Pier for shooting a balloon popped. I love him, he's so pink and fluffy.

T-shirt: school uniform.
Jacket + Jeans + Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace + ring: Diva
Shoes: TOGO (israel)

I have the most stressing week, I have a huge math test in a week, a few quizes, 2 field trips, work, babysitting, a shitload of homework and numerous other things I need to get done.
I just need to go through it all without fliping out.
(Yes, I know, the troubles of a 15-year-old)

Love, Lotem


Ediot said...

i really like the college sweater

Jill said...

It's cute and casual, I like it. I like the pattern on the hoodie.

Lotem said...

Thank you :)

Kira Fashion said...

i love it too!!!

so cool and happy ;)

a kiss

thanks so much for passing, so let´s keep in touch :)


molly said...

very cute outfit! thanks for your comment, im glad i have some readers who arent mentally retarded ;)