Apr 21, 2008


I went shopping yesterday with my grandma (yay), and ended up with very colorful buys:
Horrible cell-phone quality, I don't have a camera here. Crap, I should really save up the money and get one of my own.

I got these to dresses. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them with tights or not, they're really €short but I don't think they'd look as good with tights.
The left one is from Zara Kids, and is actually by far prettier than in the picture, and the left one is from TNT (an israeli store)

I got this bag from TNT too. It was really cheap and I liked the colors, so why not.
And the fact that my foot got in the frame really bothers me.

And finally I got this scarf and bangle from Top 10 (also an Israeli store).

Now I'm left broke.

Have a great day.
Love, Lotem.


Kira Fashion said...


i love it all!
Zara kids?

so nice!!
the scarf is awsome too, i need a new one for me too!

a kiss and a hug,

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I like the second one especially, so colorful and perfect for the beach and summer weather!

Ediot said...

nice! i really dig the dress to the left!

Kira Fashion said...


i didn´t say before, i love the bag too!

plastic bags are so over...

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch,

The Clothes Horse said...

Cute dress. So colorful and perfect for spring.

saray said...

השמלה מזארה ילדים ממש יפהה!