Apr 9, 2008


In Israel it's a tradition, well, rather a norm, that each year the whole grade in all schools go to a trip to a natural site, to walk in a quiet environment for a bit, and spend some time with friends and mama earth.
This year they took me and my 10th grade buddies to the Negev in israel, which is mostly one big ongoing desert. The trip was fun, we slept in huge tents all of us together and the walking wasn't as bad as you may imagine, but there is something about the desert that I just can't seem to like. You probably understand what I mean, it's just so dull.
Well, one way or another, I had a great time.

I've figured since none of you know Israel, I might as well stray a tad from fashion and post up some pictures (cell phone, sorry) from the trip. It is a gorgeous view, after all.

So, that is all.

I think I should be posting this blog more often.

Now, who looks dumber, me, or the camel? ;)

Love, Lotem.


Wendy said...

I wish my school have such activities. Beautiful landscape!

Ediot said...

want to see more. looks so beautiful! hope you had fun!

bronwyn said...

Looks amazing...and I definitely think you should post more often. I've been to Israel three times but not for a very long time, and I love to hear about life in israel

Kira Fashion said...

wow! it´s a great tradition that you country has!!
it must be so cool stay with friends in a so different enviroment as you live!!!

the camels must be so cool, but i think they don´t smell so nice...am i right? hehehe

i never seen one, but one day who knows...hehehe

a kiss and a hug,
great post!!!

you are so nice,
keep in touch,


stavvv said...

האא לא קראתי כלום, אבל הייתי בטיול גם.XD

אני מגיבה בשביל להגדיל את כמות התגובות.

Jill said...

It really is gorgeous, it is cool that your school does trips like those.
I have to say the camel looks dumber. :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

you and the camel both look cute
i love camels
thats so great that your school took you there we never got to go to Natural areas when I was in school hahaha

The Clothes Horse said...

Wow, it looks beautiful. I used to live in Hawaii and I worked as a teacher's assistant one summer. People didn't understand when I complained about going to the beach with the class, I mean I love the beach but when it's a school trip it can be boring.

Charlotte said...

Oh wow...living in such a beautiful country must be great! It looks like you had much fun...
Enjoy your time...and I'm just a little bit curious - shouldn't you have holidays from school just now?