May 2, 2008


For the first time, yay :)
I've been tagged by the very much lovliest Saray, from My Idea of Fashion.

5 things you can find in my bag:

1. An empty thermal cup. I take coffee with me to school every morning so it's always lying around in my bag.
2. The basics: wallet and keys.
3. Orbit Spearmint gum. Love it.
4. Eyeliner. I re-do my eye makeup like 3 times a day.
5. A cell phone. Jee, how original.

5 things you can find in my wallet:

1. Change.
2. My credit card. It's useless, really, I can only use it with ATMs cause I'm under 16.
3. Bus tickets. SAVE EARTH- TAKE A BUS.
4. תפילת הדרך. (The prayer of road? poor translation) it's a jewish blessing that is supposed to protect you wherever you go.
5. My studentID with a picture of me looking like a dumbass. Don't bother to click the picture haha.

5 favorite things in my room:
1. My laptop!
2. My closet, containing all my precious clothes.
3. My souvenir collection. Everywhere I go, I buy a souvenir and hang it on the wall.
4. My Drawer. It's The Drawer, meaning it's the drawer that contains all my un-important-but-not-to-be-dumped things.
5. My blanket. I love it. It makes me wanna soak in my bed for endless days and do nothing but cuddling inside it. It's a feather blanket, it's so nice and warm.

5 things I'm currently into:
1. Saying "awesome" on just about everything.
2. Drinking too much coffee.
3. Nike Dunk. Oh, how much I desire them. Gorgeous.
4. BOYS! But hey, I've been crazy for boys since the 1st grade.
5. Fashion! Clothes, runway shows, shopping, designers, and all the other fabulous things that revolve around it.

5 things about Saray, who tagged me:
1. She's an Israeli blogger, which already makes her like, extra awesome.
2. She has this thing for Betzalel Market in Tel Aviv, and she always finds great stuff. Everytime I go there I only find junk. Saray, teach me!
3. She's a friend of Carmel (that's a thing only she would understand ;) )
4. She has two adorable brothers, Omri Roie.
5. She can make make outfits work:

And I really have no idea who I wanna tag back, so...
If you're wearing pants right now, consider yourself tagged.
That sounds weird, I meant if you're wearing pants and not a skirt/dress.
Yes ok.

Today was the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day. I didn't think I should write about this in the blog, but as a (very proud) Jew, I figured the least I can to is to mention it.
RIP 6,000,000 Jewish People systematically murdered.

That's a harsh finish for a post :P
Have a good weekend,
Love, Insomaniac Lotem.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love the last outfit
the pink with the dark skirt is a great combination.
You are very neat in what you carry around, I have way too much I need to downsize.

saray said...

אהה איזה יופי!
חח אני אעשה לך שיעור על למצוא דברים בבצלאל..
אהבתי את הקטע עם חברה של כרמל!

איזה סוג של דברים יש לך באוסף מזכרות? דברים שנתלים אמורים להיות מגניבים!

徵信 said...

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