May 4, 2008

Hot day.

This morning when I woke up there was a cold breeze outside, so I dressed accordingly.
Well, it turns out it was a sunny, 26 degrees, hot day. I was melting in that outfit, since the tights are wool and UGGs are furry. (Yes I wear UGGs, love them, and can't really understand why they're so hated among fashion bloggers)
I should really start checking every morning.


Tank: Pink Ice
Skirt: Forever21
Tights: My mom's
Fake UGGs: Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: The New Yorker
Necklace: Diva

Have an awesome week,
Love, Lotem.


Wendy said...

I love the tank top against the skirt.

The Seeker said...

Love the stripped top.
The all combo looks very trendy.


The Clothes Horse said...

I like everything but the uggs. I guess uggs are just so disliked because well...they're not pretty--the lines are round and ugly and they make everyone's feet look bigger.

Kira Fashion said...

love it all, not so cold, not so hot, perfect!

a kiss and a hug,
see you,

saray said...

לא אוהבים אגס כי הם - לא יפים..

וגם לפני ארבע שנים הם היו שיא הלהיט בארה"ב - וממש חפרו עליהם אז , כנראה כבר לאנשים נמאס מהם..

(כןכן גם לפני שלוש שנים אני הייתי קורבן שלהם - דודה שלי שלחה לי זוג אגס ורוד מארה"ב - למזלי חודש אח"כ נסעתי איתם לאיטליה והם נהרסו מהשלג !)

Jill said...

I hate when the weather changes over the course of the day, leaving you boiling or freezing. Frustrating! I like the stripy tank.
I'm not a huge fan of UGGs either but to each his own.

Ediot said...

dig dig dig this outfit!

corin said...

ואו ממש אהבתי :)
הצעיף ממש מיוחד.

שבוע טוב =]
ואני כן אוהבת האגס :D

Kool Thing said...

Oh, I have done that everyday this week! It's almost like I don't believe it's 23 degrees until I actually get outside, totally overdressed!

Adele said...

i think your outfit is fantastic!!
and i also wear uggs
i think there amazing =]x

yiqin; said...

I actually think uggs are really cute!!! & I love the stripes! :)

NewYorkChique said...

love the scarf- the color is amazing
and the striped tank goes well with the skirt and necklace
its a cute and casual outfit

NewYorkChique said...

oh sorry i forgot to ask, do you want to link?

i think thats hauttte said...

stripess.! :]. cool scarf

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love your little uggs, so cute.

styledigger said...

Hey, your a first personal style blogger from Israel I've ever met:) I like your top, it looks great with denim skirt.

deep_in_vogue said...

you look adorable!

Anonymous said...



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