Feb 27, 2008

Gucci Spring 2008

I know I'm rather late, but I'm inlove with the Gucci Spring 2008 collection.

These colors are truly gorgeous. I also love the shoes. The collection makes me feel I don't have enough colors in my closet, I don't think it's versatile enough. I am definitely going to look for pink and yellow items, since this collection has really inspired me.

Beautiful dresses. I love the thing that's sticking out the right one, it makes it a-symmetrically cool. I also liked the pattern on the left one, it's really pretty.
I really want a mini-dress with an interesting pattern/print.

What can I say?
Gucci has finally captured my eye.

Love, Lotem.


Kira Fashion said...


Thanks so much for passing!
Are you from Israel? That´s so cool! Bar Rafaeli, your model, is right here in my country for some fashion works.

About Gucci, i have to say, that collection is better than that last one. I didn´t post any photo from winter-fall collection because i didn´t like at all. There are some great pieces, but the looks are so much information...

i am adding you to mine favourite´s blogs, if you can, add me too!

keep in touch
a kiss
very nice your blog!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

The gucci collection was very well done and put together i'm sure we'll see it on a lot of celebrities!

Lotem said...

Kira, I will definitely add you too :)
And yes, I am from israel. Say hi to Bar for me, would you? ;)

And Jen,
I'm positive it's gonna pop on the red carpet all the time

Kira Fashion said...

I just did a new post!
check it out!

you gonna like it ;)

a kiss

thanks so much for passing!

addicted said...

i love the bright colors on the black background, its so chic!

Anonymous said...